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this man won the internet

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Anonymous: what was your best and worst birthday gift









Best: PS2 meant the most to me in that time period

Worst: My girlfriend at the time been telling me for a few days she had a big surprise for me something i’ve always been asking for so finally on the day of she tells me its a 3 some so im like with who ?  she says 1 of her friends so im like is she bad she says yeah… so im hype later that night i go over there i walk in her house i dont see another girl so im like where she at she like she in the bathroom freshening up so she leads me to the bedroom she starts undressing me so at this point she locks the bedroom door then she knocks on the bathroom door like hes ready so she opens the door and lo and behold i see this chick i been messing with on the side for a little bit and she got a bat in 1 hand and a belt with spikes in the other she gives my girl the bat and my girl asks me ” you know her? ” i start doing the typical nigga oh shit i fucked up thinking pose


im like yeah this is my friend.. my girl goes oh so we fuck friends now they blocking the door theres no way out they start walking towards me my dumb ass reflexes took over i opened the window jumped from the 2nd story window.. when i get outside i realize im in boxers and my wallet and clothes is back in the room keep in mind im in nyc we use public transportation heavy out here so im like damn imma have to hop the turn style and ride the train in my boxers then i get angry like i was the one wronged here im like fuck it imma go in there and get my clothes and be out how dare they ruin my birthday so i walk back up the steps knock on the front door they open it they still holding the bat and belt so im like lemme get my shit and go they like nope so im angry now i say fuck it square up


man these 2 hoes beat me like a slave lol shorty was swinging that bat like a young Mark McGuire so im getting my ass whooped all over that living room, but through sheer will and determination i make a run for the bedroom and lock the door behind me they banging on the door i put my clothes on but my leg still feeling a little funny after that last jump so i think if i do it again i might break my leg so i take 3 deep breaths and decide im gonna open the bedroom door then make a run for the front door i open the door 


and hit the nauturo run out the front door as they still swinging behind me i can feel the wind from the swings behind me I make it out the front door they still chasing me i hit the corner ran 2 blocks looked behind me and they weren’t there.. moral of the story kids don’t cheat on your girl when shes crazy as fuck.. (just realized this shit is long as fuck)

i hate you lmao

I’m fucking crying.


I’m about to hyperventilate in this bitch. OMG.

The moral of the story should be don’t cheat. Period. .-.

lol the one that started it all lol, reblogging for my new followers (i dont cheat anymore i was young, i get anons everyday saying dont cheat this is months old yall needa relax)



i hate how women advocate for shit thats unacceptable, only when the opinions are coming from a man…. if a dude says a chick is a slut: “why she gotta be all that?!?! why can’t she express her sexuality without being verbally thrashed and oppressed by men?!?” …if another woman calls a chick a slut: “yea she is a whore….she’s had like 4 boyfriends in 10 years… kim k is disgusting” …..a man says a chick is kinda overweight(i mean the REAL overweight, not a white guy’s version of overweight lol): “she’s fucking beautiful and you should accept women for what we are and stop putting these unrealistic pressures on what our bodies should look like” … if a woman calls another woman overweight: “yea she’s definitely fat, no one should be that big, fuck oprah….” ….

Always lick off all the left over peanut butter off the knife.


- Peanut butter lover.


“A Thought” – Genesis The Greykid

Underground Virginia rapper Genesis the greykid breaks down his thought process on the song titled “A Thought.” The track features the underground emcee laying down some incredibe bars describing his life as well as perceptions about the world.

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To anyone who thinks having period sex is gross, etc:




If a woman is properly turned on before sex, her body will naturally produce pre-ejaculate, and *usually* this overpowers her menstruation blood and she doesn’t bleed during sex. Please note I say usually, not always.

Still not gonna fuck though.


As a guy, I just think women should realize that every guy isn’t going to be okay with it.

Of course it’s nice if they are

but you shouldn’t expect it

fuck that… i can wait





I see no lies here 😂


I’m in tears! The accuracy.


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